Ace Servicing

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a first class servicing department and our engineers have at least 15 years experience in the industry. We have extensive
knowledge in the industry and service, repair and install all types of refrigeration equipment, catering equipment, air-conditioning, cold rooms and medical refrigeration.

We provide a nationwide service to the retail, medical, leisure and hospitality sectors for breakdowns, installations and maintenance plans. For breakdowns routine service or please call our service team on 087-9240133 or 01 4013050.

We understand the importance of a reliable service department is to your business and we also stock spare parts.

Regular maintenance and checking of commercial equipment is vital for good function and lifespan of equipment.

F-GAS Regulations

Did you know that depending on the type of refrigeration equipment you use it is a legal obligation to have it maintained by a refrigeration engineer once every 6 months.
F-gas regulation no. 842/200. F gases include HFCs which are the most common refrigerants in use today.  The F-gas regulations state that operators of equipment with 3kg or more of F-gases must have their system check annually and increases to every 6mths with systems with 30kg or more. Other regulations include preventation of refrigerant leakages, repair of refrigerant leaks,correct recovery of refrigerants by certified personnel and maintaining of record for servicing and refrigerants.

We are F-Gas Certified and members of the Irish Institute of Refrigeration and a maintenance agree with Ace Group will ensure your company meets its legal obligation on relation to the F-Gas regulations.

We provide the following services:

  • Servicing on Medical Refrigerators

All pharmacy and medical refrigerators storing medicine need to be checked at a least once every year. We are leading supplier of pharmacy and medical refrigeration t. We have an extensive client list and we regularly provide service and repair of this equipment. We provide the following 6 point checks to ensure equipment is operating correctly and storing medicine in the correct conditions.

1.       General Service check of unit operation including correct ambient conditions and ventilation around fridge.
2.       Check of Hi and low alarm
3.       Check of probe calibration corresponds with temperature inside of fridge
4.       Check of evaporator to ensure no ice build up
5.       Check of Evaporator fan operation
6.       Cleaning of condenser

  • Calibration Checks

All temperature and humidity measuring sensors are subject to change and therefore require regular calibration to ensure they are giving accurate readings and are set within the correct parameters stated. Annual calibration has become the standard industry.
Our technician will come to your premises with all relevant equipment and perform the calibrations required by the customer and the relevant regulatory authorities. We will give you a calibration certificate as a maintenance log for your equipment which may include: Pharmacy Fridges, Data Loggers, Humidity and Temperature monitors for your dispensary.

  • Temperature Mapping

We provide temperature mapping services to regulated industries, with the accredited mapping solution y in order to satisfy your industry regulatory audits. We provide on-site temperature mapping for medical fridges & freezers, cold rooms & freezer rooms, ambient storage areas such as dispensaries and stock rooms where temperature control and recording is critical.

  • Preventative Maintenance

Reliability and long life of equipment is through preventative maintenance. In a busy environment equipment which is operating 24/7 can easy be neglected.  the regular maintenance A 12  or 6mth month preventative maintenance check can greatly reduce the chance of something breaking down and save you money long term, for example condensers not being cleaned can cause pressure on the running of equipment and cause a breakdown.To we offer a preventative maintenance contracts  and can tailor this to suit you and your business.

  • Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts can be provide on individual units or on an inventory of all equipment on site and these contacts are scheduled to your needs. Apart from the general service and checking of equipment a maintenance contract guarantees cover in the case of a breakdown 24/7.